Dogs for Adoption

We have dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes at the D.O.G. shelter. All our dogs are vet-checked, fully vaccinated, and sterilized – male and female (to prevent unwanted puppies). Every single one is looking for its forever home and someone to love and call their own.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting the dogs and starting the adoption process.

If you have decided to adopt one or more of our dogs, please fill out the application form

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Miso was an adorable puppy who grew up to be an adorable small dog! Look at the face on this precious girl – still so puppy-like and expressive! As if to say “Are you here

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Ah, precious Salvador. Be the special human who looks beyond his blindness and sees a bright future for this deserving boy! A community dog who for about 7 years was adored, loved and cared for

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Think of your favorite Super Model! In dog it’s Zelda!  This girl is gorgeous on the outside and has the most beautiful heart on the inside! But her history is not as attractive … Spotted

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Yzma is simply one of the most elegant dogs you’ll ever see!  Lean legs, silky coat, and long snout. But that sophisticated look hides a truly goofy, funny, lovable character! We don’t know a lot

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Tenacious Vicky beat the odds surviving a very bad start to life! Fully recovered from her challenging ordeal… she is now a vivacious bundle of positive energy, prancing around the shelter (truly she prances –

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Kursha is cuddly and calm when she feels safe and feisty and assertive when she feels a need to protect what’s hers. As Kursha is a tiny girl, these behaviors come from her time on

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Have you always wanted to try learning an Agility Course with Man’s Best Friend? Then Samy might just be your partner for the challenge! Small and agile, he displays an incredible drive to work, and

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Sooty arrived to D.O.G. as just a tiny pup. She was found abandoned by the roadside all alone, and kindhearted people brought her to us! She spent the first few months of her time with

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Want a Doggie Hug…? Then you need to meet Shadow! She greets you with a slow and gentle paws-up stance, resting her own chin and chest against your body – literally giving you a doggie

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Ever heard of American actor Mr T?  He appears fierce on the outside but he’s a very gentle person inside. That’s Niko!  A striking boy who has a strong face which is opposite his gentle nature.  Kneel beside

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Kanku is always on the look out, she is busy controlling everything in the shelter. Managing all our dog residents and all the ongoing action – we don’t know how she gets it all done

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Having survived deadly distemper, she is completely healthy now! Her quirk is the resulting neurological symptom of a little shake of her lower jaw. This causes no discomfort, requires no treatment, and does not limit

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If Isadora were human, she’d be a philosopher! This inquisitive girl arrived with her two siblings as a young dog, separated from their mum far too early, resulting in difficulties with socialization.  She’s a cautious dog,

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Duncan is like a young child who for fun will hide and then peek his head out to see if you have found him… His desire to trust is shown through his desire to play!

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Latte is a playful, cuddly, extroverted, medium energy level dog that is great with kids. Her divine fluffiness gives her the look of a large teddy bear. With other dogs, she can be dominant. She

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Roi hero image


Roi has had multiple fractures in his hind leg. He was cared for and nurtured back to health by a wonderful dog loving couple, but they could not keep him any longer after the recovery.

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Gus was living in Rustavi, and was taken care of by the US Marines there. They reached out to us, asking us to place Gus at our shelter until they could find a home for

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Dzazi profile shot


This super cute young dog and her 7 siblings were taken away from their mum and dumped at an empty plot of land at only one month of age. Being too young to fend for

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Champ profile image


Champ had a rough start in life, and by the time he was found by his “fairy godmother” near the Military Highway, this difficult start had already taken its toll on his little body. He

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Blackie was living close to Delisi metro. He knew his way around the area, had his regular routine and loved visiting a nearby training center where he was adored and cared for.However, the municipality decided

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Suki arrived at the shelter from Mtskheta where their mom and dad lived on the streets, taken care of by an animal lover.The area where they were did not have more resources for street dogs,

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Tala arrived at the shelter from Mtskheta where her mom and dad lived on the streets, taken care of by an animal lover.The area where they were did not have more resources for street dogs,

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Loma horizontal profile image


Loma was living in the street with his pal, Bote, but due to their large size they had to be moved from the area as locals were scared of them and threatened the dogs.Loma can

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Lady in field on a sunny day


Lady was a DOG tagged dog living on the streets relatively safely and happily, however, residents of her area felt intimidated by her size and asked the municipality to relocate her. Lady is a large,

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Hugo was found in June near Lanchkhuti. He was extremely thin and very weak. A dog lover brought him to our shelter after contacting us and discussing the situation with us. Despite all the health

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Jessie arrived at the shelter as part of our TVNR programme, sponsored by Mayhew International. However, upon her arrival it was discovered that she had a serious leg injury that required a complicated operation and

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Mandu in a field of flowers


He arrived with a broken jaw and severely traumatized. He was fearful of everyone to the point of not even allowing us to take him out of his transport box for days after his arrival.

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I was afraid one summer that I was going to die – my body hurt so much from being repeatedly kicked and beaten. I was so grateful when a person in my neighbourhood called D.O.G.

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Thor is one of our unluckiest but at the same time luckiest residents. He was initially rescued as part of a litter of puppies in 2015 and adopted by a loving family but, soon after

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If Max was a day of the week he’d definitely be Sunday, or more specifically, a lazy Sunday afternoon. This handsome boy is probably the most relaxed dog you could meet, and easily enjoys the

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There are some dogs that find homes very quickly, in a matter of a few weeks or months, and there are some dogs that need a year or even two before that dream family turns

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Look at that face, and that fabulous coat! Bote is a big guy, probably a setter-mix, and is full of love to give. He travels well in the car, walks nicely on a leash, can

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Hi, I’m Ralphie! Let me tell you my story… For a long time I was living the relatively good life of a TVNR dog near the US Embassy, where I was fed, loved and taken

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