Dogs for Adoption

We have dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes at the D.O.G. shelter. All our dogs are vet-checked, fully vaccinated, and sterilized – male and female (to prevent unwanted puppies). Every single one is looking for its forever home and someone to love and call their own.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting the dogs and starting the adoption process.

If you have decided to adopt one or more of our dogs, please fill out the application form.

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Born: 2015Our mischievous Mandu is looking for a home now!He arrived with a broken jaw and severely traumatized. He was fearful of everyone to the point of not even allowing us to take him out of his transport box for days after his arrival.
Thankfully that is all in the past now, with a lot of love, care and socialization he has transformed into one of the liveliest and funniest characters of the shelter.
He loves children and is always very enthusiastic about going for a walk with them when our regular school classes visit us.
This love is certainly mutual as he is always one of the first ones to be requested by the children.He walks nicely on the leash and he has no problems with eating anymore, the only thing missing from his life is a loving family!
Born: 2016Jessie arrived at the shelter as part of our TVNR programme, sponsored by Mayhew International. However, upon her arrival it was discovered that she had a serious leg injury that required a complicated operation and an almost 3 month rehabilitation.
As she will be at risk of again being hit by a car in the area where she had been staying previously, we would really like to see her living in a home.
She is very friendly with everyone and gets on well with other dogs.
She is very playful but not too energetic and has always been careful around small children.
We would like to thank Orsolya Sárossy and her lovely mum for all the help and care they have given to Jessie.
Born: April 2015I was your typical Vake Park dog - guard of my own little territory, with kind humans caring for me. I enjoyed the attention of park goers and was generally was happy with my life.
So it all seemed good when DOG TVNR-d (tagged, neutered, vaccinated & released) me back to the park.
However my content life ended when I was hit by a car in October 2016. My pelvis was broken and I could hardly move.
But I have  always had the 'glass half full' attitude to life, so I like to think of this accident as my free ticket to the D.O.G. shelter, where I quickly became a favourite of the shelter volunteers & staff. I am convinced that this is down to my superdog qualities rather than my funny walk.
I can now run around with my buddies and while I will never move as before, I am just as fast as if I had four perfect legs. I love being with other dogs and especially like making them obey my commands.
Sometimes volunteers think I am the self-appointed dictator of the shelter, but I know my limitations: I would never push any of my fellow dogs into a fight, I respect them (and anyway I know I am stronger than everyone else).
I adore swimming - this is a hobby I picked up at the shelter and, as I have always been a healthy gentleman, I practice this every day when we have beach weather at Lisi. I was told my hind legs swim on their own terms, but I think this just makes me even more stylish.კოსკახვადიპატარა ტანის
მე ერთი ჩველებრივი ცუგა ვარ, რომელიც ცხოვრობდა ვაკის პარკში. ძალიან მიყვარდა ის ტერიტორია და ადამიანები, რომლებიც ჩემზე ზრუნავდნენ, მომწონდა იქ თამაში და ზოგადად ბედნიერი ვიყავი ჩემი ცხოვრებით.                                                                                                    გამიკეთეს სტერილიზაცია, ვაქცინაცია, დამთაგეს და ესე ვცხოვრობდი ვაკის პარკში, მაგრამ ჩემი ბედნიერი ცხოვრება პარკში მაშინ დასრულდა როდესაც მანქანა დამეჯახა, 2016 წლის ოქტომბერში. მქონდა მენჯის მოტეხილობა და ვერარ ვმოძრაობდი. ცხოვრებას ყოველთვის პოზიტიურად უნდა უყურო, ჭიქა ნახევრად სავსეას პრინციპით, ეს ჩემი ავარია ნაწილობდრივ კარგი იყო, იმიტომ რომ მოვხვდი ლისის თვასსაფარში, სადაც მალევე გავხდი თავშესაფარის ტანამშრომლების და მოხალისეების ფავორიტი ცუგა. მინდა ვიფიქრო რომ, ყველას იმიტომ შევუყვარდი რომ სუპერძაღლი ვარ, და არა იმიტომ რომ სასაცილოდ დავდივარ. როგორც ამბობენ, ავარიის შემდეგ სასწაულებრივად გამოვჯამრთელდი, ჩემს მეგობარ ცუგებთან ერთად ვთამაშობ, ცოტა სასაცილოდ დავდივარ მაგრამ 4 ჯამრთელი ფეხი მაქვს. ძალიან მიყვარს სხვა ძაღლებთან ერთად ყოფნა, განსაკუთრებით მომწონს როგორ ვიმორჩილებ და ვასრულებინებ მათ ჩემს სურვილებს. ზოგჯერ მოხალისეები ამბობენ რომ თავშესაფრის დიქტატორი ვარ, მაგრამ ზღვარი მეც მაქვს: მაგალიტად, არასოდეს ვიწყებ ძაღლებთან ჩხუბს მე, პატივს ვცემ სხვებს( კი ვიცი, რომ ყვლელაზე ძლიერი ვარ, მაგრამ მაინც...). ძალიან მიყვარს ცურვა, ეს ჩემი ჰობი ლისზე მოხვედრისას აღმოვაჩინე. ეხლა რაც საზღვაო ამინდები გამოდის ლისზე, ხშირად მივდივარ საცურაოდ. ესე მითხრეს, ჩემი უცნაური ფეხებით კიდევ უფრო უცნაურად დაცურავო, მაგრამ მე ვფიქრობ ეს ჩემი სტილია.
Born: January 2015Things were looking good for me – I was rescued as part of a litter of puppies in the spring of 2015 and later adopted by a lovely family.  However, a serious illness meant that the family was no longer able to care for a young puppy, so unfortunately I was returned to D.O.G.
I have grown into a happy strong and clever boy and love to run. I get on well with other dogs and children and while I am happy at the shelter, I miss family life as I have lots of love to give. Please consider opening up your heart and home to me.
Born: February 2015I was afraid one summer that I was going to die -  my body hurt so much from being repeatedly kicked and beaten. I was so grateful when a person in my neighbourhood called D.O.G. and they came to help.
I was taken to a clinic, where they said I had a bad skin condition. A D.O.G. volunteer took me home and lovingly treated and cared for me for several weeks. I am now fully recovered and enjoy playing with my doggy pals in the shelter; I have also learned to trust the good people who visit, but I would love to be in a proper home – I am very affectionate, playful and good with James Salvatore
Born: August 2014For a long time I was living the relatively good life of a TVNR dog near the US Embassy, where I was fed, loved and taken care of by the Embassy staff. Unfortunately, as I am very kind and gentle, I was an easy target for more dominant dogs, some of which started to bully me. I came to the shelter where I can be safe and would not have to fight for food.
I love humans, always wag my tail happily when I see them and have a positive and cheerful character that makes everyone feel good and smile around me.
I get on well with other dogs, as long as they are not too dominant.
People say I am really special because half of my face is brown and the other half is white, so sometimes they call me Half-Face.
HUGO / ჰუგო
Born: March 2016Hugo was found in June near Lanchkhuti.
He was extremely thin and very weak. A dog lover brought him to our shelter after contacting us and discussing the situation with us.
Despite all the health problems he had and the seriousness of his condition, Hugo was a loving and happy boy from the start.
He is very vocal, he is not a barker, more of a professional communicator - he loves to greet people with a happy howling sound, and his vocal range to express his feelings is truly amazing.
He is a very positive dog, gives a huge smile to everyone who comes to the shelter, behaves nicely when walking.
He certainly loves his food now after all the starving, so with treats he can be super easily trained.
He has been neutered and fully vaccinated.
He would be ideal in a home with a garden, but he really needs human company. He loves children and gets on well with other dogs.ჰუგო ივნისშია ნაპოვნი ლანჩხუთში.ძალიან ძალიან გამხდარი და დასუსტებული იყო. საბედნიეროდ ცხოველების მოყვარულ ადამიანმა იპოვა, და ჩვენ დაგვიკავშირდა. მიუხედავად იმისა რომ ჯანმრთელობის ძალიან სერიოზული პრობლემები ქონდა, ჰუგო მაინც ძალიან მოსიყვარულე და მხიარული იყო. ყეფით არ ყეფს ხოლმე, მხოლოდ ხალხთან კომინიკაციის თავისი მეთოდი აქვს, როცა უნდა ვინმეს მიესამლოს, ან რამის "თქმას" ცდილობს "ყმუის" თითქოს ლაპარაკობს, ძალიან საყვარელია და რაღაც საოცარი ძაღლია. ძალიან პოზიტიურია, გა,ორიცხულია კარგ ხასიათზე არ დააყენოს ადამიანი, და სეირნობის დროს ძალიან კარგად იქცევა. ძალიან უყვარს საჭმლი, რაც ბუნებრივია, იმის მერე რა შიმშილობაც გამოიარა.. ამიტომ პატრონი ძალიან მარტივად გაწვრთნის საჭმლის დახმარებით.  ჰუგო სრულად აცრილი და კასტრირებულია. იდეალური ცუგა იქნება ეზოან სახლში, მაგრამ ადამიანების გარეშე გაძლება უჭირს. ძალიან კარგად უგებს ბავშვებს და სხვა ძაღლებსაც.
Born: March 2017Grace was found in Mtskheta, emaciated, malnourished, suffering from several diseases.
It has taken a long time to nurture her back to health from that desperate situation.
Very nice with people, smart and energetic. .
She is sterilized and vaccinated.
Born: March 2017Our gentle giant, Dora is a Rottweiler mix.
Despite her size and look, she is very kind with both humans and other dogs.
Sterilized, vaccinated.
Born: June 2017Shiba was found in Kharagauli and brought to Tbilisi for sterilization by the lovely Ruska.
She was left on the streets with her puppies - as often happens, most likely she was a loved and cared for family dog, but as access to vet clinics in the regions is limited and organising the sterilization of dogs is difficult, Shiba fell pregnant. As the owners could not care for a dog with puppies, she was abandoned on the street.
Shiba was part of a group of six dogs from Kharagauli who stayed at our shelter after their surgery. All of them found homes except Shiba. She is now sharing a kennel with our loving big boy, Zack.
While Zack is the kind hearted, calm and handsome sidekick, Shiba is definitely the brains of the pair.
She masters all sorts of tricks after a couple of tries. She is very eager to learn and please humans; she holds constant eye contact, all the time awaiting instructions.
Whoever adopts this gorgeous young girl will get a smart, loving and loyal companion.შიბა იქნა ნაპოვნი ხარაგაულში და ჩამოყვანილი თბილისში რუსკას მიერ.
ის იყო დატოვებული ქუჩაში თავის ლეკვებთან ერთად - როგორც ეს ხშირად ხდება, სავარაუდოდ იყო ოჯახის ძაღლი, რომელზეც ზრუნავდნენ, მაგრამ რადგან ვეტერინარული კლინიკები, განსაკუთრებით სტერილიზაცია, ხელმისაწვდომი არ არის რაიონებში , შიბა დაფეხმძიმდა. პატრონმა გადაწყვიტა რომ ვერ შეძლებდა ლეკვებიანი ძაღლის მოვლას და დატოვა ქუჩაში...
ის იყო ნაწილი 8 ძაღლიანი ჯგუფისა ხარაგაულიდან, რომლებიც იმყოფებოდნენ თავშესაფარში რამდენიმე დღით სტერილიზაციის შემდეგ. ყველა მათგანმა იპოვა სახლი, გარდა შიბასი.
ის ეხლა იზიარებს ვოლიერს ზაკთან, ჩვენს მოსიყვარულე ბომბორა ბიჭთან. ზაკი თუ არის კეთილი, მშვიდი და სიმპატიური, შიბა არის გამოკვეთილად გონება ამ დუეტის! ის ითვისებს ილეთებს რამდენიმე ცდაში. ძალიან მონდომებულია, რომ ისწავლოს და გაახაროს ადამიანი. ყოველთვის უყურებს თვალებში და ელოდება ახალ დავალებებს.
ვინც აიყვანს ამ შესანიშნავ გოგონას ის მიიღებს მოსიყვარულე, გონიერ და ყურადღებიან კომპანიონს.
Born: 2009I have lived at the shelter since it first opened and live quite happily as an ‘outside dog’. I am generally quite calm, get on well with most of the other dogs, but am a bit nervous with new people, though I do like it when they give me a treat.
Born: 2017Lady was a DOG tagged dog living on the streets relatively safely and happily, however, residents of her area felt intimidated by her size and asked the municipality to relocate her.
Lady is a large, but a very calm and loving dog.
She is not too active - while she loves wandering around he shelter area, she likes just lying down and relaxing as well, so could possibly feel good in a flat as well, if given daily walks.
She has an elegant, irish greyhound type of walk and character.
Born: 2018Roi has had multiple fractures in his hind leg.
He was cared for and nurtured back to health by a wonderful dog loving couple, but they could not keep him any longer after the recovery.
Roi cannot go back to the street, so he is looking for a forever family.
He is a gentle, kind and polite boy; very affectionate with humans and gets on well with other dogs.
Born: 2011I arrived at the shelter as a very small puppy and have not yet found a home. I am alright in the shelter but am a bit nervous. The shelter is all I have ever known, so I need a home with patient people willing to spend time showing me how to behave – but I am quick to learn and have lots of love to give in return.
Born: 2011I was left at the shelter a few years ago by people who no longer wanted me. I am a gentle, calm and laid-back friendly guy, quite happy to meander the fields around the shelter, although I love to be around people.
Born: 2017Mze was rescued and taken care of by long time DOG supporters, Juliet and Bob de Boer, from Mtskheta.
Mze is a high energy dog, loves the outdoors, loves going on adventures, bringing her happy energy to every activity she is involved in.
She is very smart, easy to train.
She can get dominant with other assertive female dogs, but in the shelter she gets on well with most of her group mates, so she could be a second dog with a friendly, confident male dog.
She definitely needs an active family.
Born: 2016 NovemberIrene is the embodiment of affection.
She loves giving the paw, pressing her nose into your hands as you walk by, asking you to stop and give her love and attention.
And who could resist!
She is mellow and sweet, gets on well with everyone and has infinite resources of love!
Born: 2019 JuneKhatcho's mum is a pointer, so he has all the classic, friendly, playful, curious pointer characteristics. He adores people, a very easy going dog, super motivated and fast to learn.
Born: 2013 NovemberThis funny Corgi like boy has a very sweet, easygoing character. He gets on well with everyone, dogs or humans alike.
He got into our care after his loving owner, a dedicated animal rescuer passed away.
We would like to show Ridgik that he will be loved again!
Medium (Medium-Large when fully grown)
Born: October 2019Suki and Tala arrived at the shelter from Mtskheta where their mom and dad lived on the streets, taken care of by an animal lover.
The area where they were did not have more resources for street dogs, so, in order for their mum and dad to remain safely there, we had to bring in the pups.
There were 6 puppies, but some were adopted already.
they are both initially a little shy, but they are curious, playful, gentle puppies. They are not overly energetic.
Born: March 2019This elegant and deer like young dog was living together with her siblings by a truck stop near Gori. Their brother, Georgie was found by actors Juliana and Seamus Dever who quickly launched a campaign to find a home for Georgie and he has already traveled to California to his dream home (for more on Georgie´s story, please watch this video: ) When we learnt that Georgie had more siblings, we went to collect them as well. Goldie is the only one of the litter still looking for a home. She is identical to her twin brother, Georgie. She is extremely smart, very playful and is a real teenager.More photos:
Born: 2018Lottie was dumped, together with her 3 other sisters, in Mukhattskaro in July 2019.
A wonderful family was caring for all of them during the summer months and DOG helped with their vaccination and sterilization.
As the weather turned cold and snowy and it became difficult to access the forest where they were living, they had no chance to survive unless we provide a place for them in the shelter.
Three of the sisters - Coco, Sandy and Latte - have travelled to the US.
Lottie is currently staying with us and she is in desperate need of a good home.
She is very playful, but also very kind and gentle even with small children.
She gets on well with other dogs.More photos:
Born: 2016 MayGus was living in Rustavi, and was taken care of by the US Marines there. They reached out to us, asking us to place Gus at our shelter until they could find a home for him in the States, but unfortunately that never happened. He has been let down by many people, but he is still incredibly loving and trusting with everyone! He is not good with other, smaller males, but he gets on well with females of his size. He is very energetic, needs someone who loves sports, who exercises him regularly, with an active lifestyle - he loves jogging, hiking but he will be a loyal and fun partner in any other sports.More photos:
Born: June 2019Champ was rescued by a DOG volunteer. He was weak and as a result of not receiving enough nutrition during his first few weeks, his legs had to be in a cast to correct the deformity they had at that very young age already.
However, he quickly recovered and has grown into a super friendly, enthusiastic young teenager.
He is very motivated to work and learn, eager to please his humans and has great patience with children.
Born: April 2019Winky was rescued from the roadside together with his two sisters
They were in such a horrific state that the smallest little girl did not make it and died by the next day. But Winky and his other sister, Inky, pulled through and slowly they started to recover.
Inky was the smaller, weaker and more shy one, Winky is the more outgoing one. He had the privilege to be fostered by a volunteer, so he got used to life in the city, learned several commands and all the important rules of living in a home.
Born: April 2017Pepper arrived at us after her rescuer had to leave the country unexpectedly.
She is a gentle, friendly dog. One of those dogs that was easy from the beginning - she never attracts anyone's interest, precisely because she is so relaxed and nice. She never wants to be the center of attention, never causes any trouble, she is just quietly waiting for someone to fall in love with her finally. She is good with children and with other dogs.
Born: April 2016Blackie was living close to Delisi metro. He knew his way around the area, had his regular routine and loved visiting a nearby training center where he was adored and cared for.
However, the municipality decided to remove him from the area and for his safety he was eventually brought to us.
This lovely dog craves human companion, would do anything for a cuddle, so we are desperate to find him a family where he could have all the care he deserves and could give unconditional love to his people.More photos:
Born: September 2019This lovely, gentle, friendly young girl is looking for a family. She is small sized, and calm, so we can recommend her to living in an apartment as well. She is sweet, curios, adores people and does not understand why she ended up on the streets.More photos:
Born: May 2019Bernie and her sister, Alfie, were found in a parking lot of an apartment building by Julia, a dog lover who made friends with the mother dog and would visit the whole litter regularly. A month and a half later Alfie and Bernie were the only two pups left and in order to save their lives Julia took them home.
As Julia had to fly back to the US (she also transported two dogs from us to Toronto on her way), she had to leave Alfie and Bernie with us.
They settled into the shelter routine quite fast, they were friendly with everyone and got on well with all other dogs. They were loved by our regular volunteers as they both are easy going, trouble free dogs.
Alfie got adopted recently, leaving her twin sister alone in the shelter, so we are hoping that she will not have to feel lonely for long and will find a home very very soon.

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