easy going, trouble free dog

About Bernie

Bernie and her sister, Alfie, were found in a parking lot of an apartment building by Julia, a dog lover who made friends with the mother dog and would visit the whole litter regularly. A month and a half later Alfie and Bernie were the only two pups left and in order to save their lives Julia took them home.
As Julia had to fly back to the US (she also transported two dogs from us to Toronto on her way), she had to leave Alfie and Bernie with us.
They settled into the shelter routine quite fast, they were friendly with everyone and got on well with all other dogs. They were loved by our regular volunteers as they both are easy going, trouble free dogs.
Alfie got adopted recently, leaving her twin sister alone in the shelter, so we are hoping that she will not have to feel lonely for long and will find a home very very soon.

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