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About Mokka


Puppies are adorable (duh) and by adopting them from the shelter at an early age, their good behaviors can be shaped early on. Puppy adoption is a Forever Commitment, for when they are no longer puppies and have become grown adult dogs. Ready for a Forever Commitment? Then read on…

Mokka, Nora & Yuna
This funny little trio of one male and two females was found abandoned and alone near Truso Valley, far from every settlement. Severely malnourished and dehydrated, after arriving to one of our dedicated foster mums, they quickly bounced back. Once fully vaccinated, they arrived to D.O.G. shelter and have been brightening up everyone’s days since!

The way they go about discovering everything new in their lives is definitely TikTok worthy!  They are hilarious together or on their own with their puppy clumsiness, their wannabe adult dog attitude, and their surprised faces when something does not happen the way they planned it (like tripping over their own feet, sliding off the step, miscalculating speed vs distance)!  As with all puppies, they are delightful and you can’t help but be happy and smiling watching them!

All three puppies will grow to be medium-large to large in size, requiring discipline, ample activity and exercise, substantial food, and of course infinite love.  A puppy is fun and cute, but the real responsibility lies in their life together with you as they grow into mature dogs, forever.

You’ve read this far in their bio. Are you the one ready for this Forever Commitment?

Humans, fun, walks, playtime

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Mokka needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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