People say I have “vavavoom”!

About Mollie


Mollie greets visitors with the sweetest brief shyness – with a little body-wiggle and look in her eyes that put to words would be “Me? You’re here to see me? Wow! You look nice. Are you nice? I think you could be nice.” And once you’ve stroked her beautiful head a few times, then it’s a quick flip to her back for a belly rub! This all happens in about 30 seconds – she’s just precious and craving your affection!

The husband of a former US Ambassador here found and fostered Mollie as a puppy. After becoming healthy and strong, she was brought here to D.O.G. and has been shyly but eagerly greeting visitors ever since.  She’s quick to learn your commands, wants to please, and play!  And once play is over and her energy expended, Mollie is beautifully poised and even regal in her demanor.  She’s got that something special, that “vavavoom” about her.

She spends her days among the other dogs getting along well with all of them, but it’s a human she wants most to be with. She loves to have her coat brushed as she lies in your lap, calm and happy, smiling up at you to say “I was right. You are nice!”

Mollie’s ready to meet her forever nice human. Come experience this precious girl and welcome her Vavavoom into your forever home!

Belly rubs, having her coat brushed, walks
others trying to eat my food!

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Mollie needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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