“See me with your heart, as that is how I see you.”

About Salvador


Ah, precious Salvador. Be the special human who looks beyond his blindness and sees a bright future for this deserving boy!

A community dog who for about 7 years was adored, loved and cared for by the regulars at Luca Polare Cafe in Saburtalo neighborhood in Tbilisi. Salvador enjoyed what is considered a comfortable life for a Tbilisi street dog, but that all changed for him as he aged. Once glaucoma robbed him of his vision, it was not possible for Salvador to navigate the streets any longer, and so life as he knew it at the cafe ended. 

He has lived now with two different temporary humans in foster: one home with a yard and now one in a small apartment. He has done very well in both environments – his adaptability from street-dog to home-dog is remarkable!

He is PERFECT in a home:

  • Loves and greets all visitors happily.
  • Stays calmly at home alone.
  • No barking; no damages.
  • A real couch potato – cuddle with belly rubs all day long.
  • Enjoys just a couple short walks each day – no more than 1-1.5 km at a time.
  • Walks easily on leash. (see below for his expert navigation techniques!)
  • Housebroken with no accidents.
  • Sleeps through the whole night.

Salvador’s Navigation Techniques! Of course you might be wondering how a blind dog gets around. Well Salvador has become an expert! He uses his hearing, sense of smell and sense of touch to navigate. Sniffing along the walls and furniture for guidance. Listening for traffic noises.  And he has the most impressive strut – like a high-stepping dressage horse – his way of knowing ups and downs in the terrain, a sidewalk curb, or something tricky like a drain hole cover. He feels these things and does not trip! Of course he is safest with his human holding his leash on walks.

If you’ve read this far in his biography, then you are not dissuaded by his blindness – thank you for considering Salvador!  The only physical accommodation he requires is to not have to climb too many steps – most 5 to 10 at a time. In an apartment building 2nd floor or higher he’ll need an elevator.  In a home with a yard, he’ll be happy to just hang out there without a need for much walking even.

Salvador needs a human! Are you the special human to give this blind dog a bright future?

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