Small and agile, he displays an incredible drive to work, and learn!

About Samy


Have you always wanted to try learning an Agility Course with Man’s Best Friend? Then Samy might just be your partner for the challenge! Small and agile, he displays an incredible drive to work, and learn! Although small, most likely he’s got some shepherd in him, meaning loyalty and obedience to his human.

Samy was found as a tiny puppy by a family who rescued him from a fate of trying to survive on the streets. Giving him a second chance, they fostered him until he grew strong and healthy. Unfortunately not able to keep him permanently,  and brought Samy to DOG shelter. With a third chance now, helping him to find his forever family.  Samy is observant and displays some guarding instincts, but not as strong as a pure German Shepherd. With his energy expended, Samh wants nothing more than to be with people so his sensitive side of needing love and snuggles is fulfilled. Spend some soft time with him, brushing his beautiful black/brown coat with his grateful eyes. Looking up at you. It’s pretty special.

As you can see, Samy would do very well with an active owner, who desires, a dog partner for exercise, potential agility, who can stimulate his very smart brain. You’ve read down this far in his description, so maybe you ARE the active human Samy’s waiting for to run alongside through the Agility Course of Life together…?

training, learning, exercises, hugs, running, hiking
to strong hugs

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Samy needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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