A stunning and energetic dog, Sooty is driven to learn and please her humans!

About Sooty


Sooty arrived to D.O.G. as just a tiny pup. She was found abandoned by the roadside all alone, and kindhearted people brought her to us! She spent the first few months of her time with D.O.G. in a foster home, where her temporary humans showed her love and tenderness, and in return Sooty learned manners and trust. She is a dog with a strong drive to learn, to work, to play, and a motivation to please humans around her. She lives to please! Sooty is ideal for any dog sport, and also as a partner for going on outings, hiking, and snow sports.  She also loves playing with other dogs – which helps to expend her energy! You’ll see she is incredibly loyal to her humans – including children!  Sooty appears to be a Bernese mix, with a gorgeous face and a feathery, lush coat.  As energetic as she is, Sooty will lay down for hours and let you brush her beautiful coat – she’s craving this affection!  Are you the special human Sooty is waiting for?

playtime, toys, children, humans, work, learning

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