An always happy dog, despite his challenges

About Time


I’m new to the shelter and arrived after a car hit me. I suffered from various injuries, nerve damage, and my hind leg had to be amputated. It’s a shame, but you have to get on with things, don’t you? I can still get around and go for walks, I just need a little extra patience as I get back on my feet. I have some special needs that you’ll need to discuss with the shelter but I’m really looking for a family that will love me and take care of me. I love everyone and get on well with other dogs. I most of all love being close to my human, and having treats! I have lots of energy, but I sleep through the night very nicely, and I try to learn everything my humans teach me here.
I was told I am a pointer mix, that is why I am so friendly! I don’t know, I just know it is nice being close to people.
I like chasing cats, as they look like toys to me. I don’t hurt them, but I do like running after them, so if you would want peace in your house, it is probably better if I only have human and dog friends there.
I like girl dogs and boy dogs equally. I don’t like sharing my food with other dogs.

Smelling the flowers, short walks, people, patience and love

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