“What’s next? What are we doing next?!”

About Wanda


Despite Wanda’s precarious past, this little lady is a small bundle of love and loyalty!  Her story is equally heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Wanda was cruelly abandoned, and left frightened and alone in an unfamiliar place. Being chased by unknown dogs, her escape led to a life-threatening position on a narrow 8th floor outside ledge, where she found herself trapped and in grave danger of falling. Sometimes humans step up to the plate – and thank goodness a kind stranger took action, organizing a remarkable abseiling rescue mission to save Wanda’s life!  See her “15 minutes of fame” video https://fb.watch/nHBP2h1WK5/

Named for Polish Engineer and Mountain Climber Wanda Rutkiewicz, she is now with us enjoying her second lease on life. Smart and adventurous like the human Wanda, she is turning out to be a wonderfully colorful character!
She forms an instant bond with her people, loves sitting in a human’s lap, is spunky, confident and playful too! Traveling really well in a car, she’s one of those dogs you can take anywhere – she just enjoys being with you!

Her huge brown eyes asking the question “What’s next? What are we doing next!?”  Are you the special human to step up to the plate for Wanda this time and answer her question? 

Everyone, work, play, adventures, travel
When my human pays attention to others!

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