She’ll have you smiling and laughing all the time!

About Yzma


Yzma is simply one of the most elegant dogs you’ll ever see!  Lean legs, silky coat, and long snout. But that sophisticated look hides a truly goofy, funny, lovable character!

We don’t know a lot about Yzma’s history: she and a few other dogs were just left in a dog hotel and later arrived here at D.O.G. shelter.

What we do know is she is one of our most mischievous dogs!  She loves jumping over fences, (even tall ones – no kidding!) and during winter she actually climbs on the roof of our kennels to play in the snow (yes the roof – no kidding again!). She absolutely adores humans and will do well with an active human who provides her with enough activity and attention to expend her energetic playful character. (Along with a plan to be inside the home when not supervised.)  While she’s active, Yzma doesn’t have a drive to be a working dog – just play and not take life too seriously!  She gets on well with other dogs and a playmate might suit her! 

Want to smile and laugh every day with your dog? Then you might just be the one Yzma is jumping the fence trying to find!

walks, hikes, exercise, playtime, jumping over walls, humans, children
not a fan of fences

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Yzma needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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If you are ready to expand your family and welcome this loving soul into your home, we’d love to speak with you.

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