Loving, kind, well-mannered beauty!

About Zelda

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Think of your favorite Super Model! In dog it’s Zelda!  This girl is gorgeous on the outside and has the most beautiful heart on the inside! But her history is not as attractive …

Spotted in the northern Georgia mountains with a crushed back leg, a rescue was organized including an emergency operation upon arrival into Tbilisi. Infection was already present, making it clear Zelda’s leg was injured for some time. Unfortunately to prevent spreading of infection and save her life, amputation was the only solution.

A loving human took Zelda into foster for her long recovery and rehabilitation. Apart from the obvious evidence of amputation, by mobility and demeanor you’d never know of her tragic history. She zips and zooms around the shelter with the other doggies – keeping up no problem!

Zelda has now grown into an incredibly sweet, well-mannered, loving, playful, and kind young girl. Yes, we said “kind” describing a dog! Zelda is kind to every human and dog she meets. Always cheerfully greeting with a wagging tail, a happy smile on her face at the site of a human. As she’s been gentle with everyone, we believe she’ll do great with children too!

So this Super Model is not just missing a leg – she’s missing a human!  Are you the one to open your heart and home to her, so that a Forever Family is not something she’s missing anymore?

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Make a difference in Zelda’s life.

Zelda needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

You can help Zelda by adoption, fostering, or sponsoring the expenses of her staying at the shelter.

Give her a forever home.

If you are ready to expand your family and welcome this loving soul into your home, we’d love to speak with you.

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For as little as $10/mo you can sponsor Zelda’s stay at our shelter.

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Foster Zelda

You can provide a temporary home to show her what a loving home is like and create space in our shelter for other dogs.