Calm. Serene. The shepherd of the shelter. And she can jump over the friggin fence!

About Lady

If Georgie was a human, he would be one of those fortunate ones that you can sometimes read about in rags to riches stories in tabloid papers.

He was a stray pup living by a petrol station near Gori, together with his 3 siblings and parents. They were all covered with ticks, fleas, they were severely malnourished and dehydrated.

That stop is frequented by tourists traveling along the highway connecting Tbilisi to the Western parts of Georgia. It is also visited by stray dogs, that are hoping to get some scraps from tourists.

And Georgie wondered into the parking lot there just at the right time to meet actors Juliana (CleverDever Wherever )and Seamus Dever from the TV series Castle.

They contacted us with the help of the indomitable dog rescuer, Sarah May Grunwald. We could not provide a place for Georgie right then, so we asked them to wait for a couple of days while we tried to move our dogs around so we could open a room for Georgie.

Lady needs a lot of space to roam and isn’t suited to apartment or city living.  Her perfect family will have a big yard out in the country where she can explore freely and safely. 

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