Sponsor a Dog

We strive to provide the best care for all the dogs that reside in our shelter until they find their forever home. As you can imagine, some dogs need more assistance than others and have specific needs such as medical treatments or dietary requirements. In order to offer these pups the best care possible, we need your help. 

There are five sponsorship packages:

Bark Benefactor

Full sponsorship
$ 75
  • Food
  • Vaccines
  • Vet care
  • Premises
  • Caretakers

Wayward Watchdog

$ 50
  • Food
  • Vaccines
  • Vet care

Canine Chef

$ 25
  • Cover food for your pup

Doggie Defender

$ 10
  • Cover flea / anti-parasite medication

Paw Protector

$ 5
  • Treats, leashes, or a new toy 🙂

Ready to make an impact?

Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem! You can also donate with TransferWise from any bank account in the world, or transfer directly to our TBC Bank account if you have a Georgian bank account. Click here for general donation instructions, or contact us with questions.

Sponsor rewards

Each sponsor will receive:

  • A personalized certificate and color photo of your chosen dog
  • A souvenir from D.O.G.* 
  • Monthly updates and news on your chosen dog
  • Unlimited access to the shelter and to your sponsored dog to spend time with them
  • Availability of chosen dog you for a special “Parent meetings” afternoons or weekends**
  • Your name / name of your company displayed on all printed or online materials where your chosen dog appears

Those who opt for the Bark Benefactor or Wayward Watchdog sponsorship plans get a few extra perks such as: 

  • D.O.G. Goodie bag*
  • Your name / name of your company would be displayed on the front page of the DOG website
  • One free “Dog walking afternoon” activity for up to 10 children***

*While we do our best to deliver the souvenir and goodie bags, we do not guarantee 100% successful delivery due to factors out of our control.

**If you would like to spend an afternoon or a weekend with your sponsored dog, we will organize the transportation of the dog between the shelter and your location

***The “Dog walking afternoon” activity entails a three hour activity including a guided shelter tour for the children, a 45 minutes class on animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and dog behavior, followed by a walk with the dogs where the children learn about the unique fauna and natural wonders of the Lisi lake area. The event closes with the children completing a short art project based on what they learned during the afternoon.

For more details on the program, please write to us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

We would like to thank our very first sponsors – Leon (Nana Janashia) and Ruby (Robin Forestier-Walker) who chose to sponsor Tiger and Shavi for an entire year! Thanks to Leon and Ruby’s sponsorship, both Tiger and Shavi found their forever homes!