Success Stories

These heart-warming stories show how different human families and shelter dogs reach their happy endings through the adoption process.

Will your story be among them? And will you give our dogs the perfect home they deserve?

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1 week ago

Dog organization Georgia

Pepper arrived at us after her rescuer had to leave the country unexpectedly.
They loved and cared for several dogs while living in Georgia, and it was heartbreaking that they could not take Pepper with them when they had to leave..
She was a gentle, friendly dog from the beginning, settling into life at our rescue easily. She was perfect, but we knew she stood with little chance with being adoption. She was not a puppy anymore, she is black, not a white fluffy dog, and she is too good – she never attracted anyone’s interest, precisely because she is so relaxed and nice. She never wanted to be the center of attention, never caused any trouble, she was just quietly waiting for someone to fall in love with her.
In fact we knew so little of her character that when Michelle, who had fostered several dog for us before, offered that she could foster a dog during the lock down, we thought Pepper would do best with this opportunity so we can see how she really is – it was almost too hard to believe she can be really that easy and good.
But she really is! Even when moving to a foster home, there was no complaint about her, she was just being the good old Pepper .
And that is when the miracle happened – Bara fell in love with exactly this dog that nobody else noticed. And we knew from the first moment that if someone spotted Pepper, then that person is meant to be with her!
So Pepper moved to Bara for a trial period. She is now Josephine, and as happy as a dog can be!
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Comment on Facebook Pepper arrived at us…

🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏Thank you so much for rescuing this beautiful sweet dog. Too many homeless dogs in Georgia, too heartbreaking.😢

D.O.G. Success Stories – SHIBA

Shiba was found in Kharagauli and brought to Tbilisi for sterilization by the lovely Ruska.
She was left on the streets with her puppies – as often happens, most likely she was a loved and cared for family dog, but as access to vet clinics in the regions is limited and organising the sterilization of dogs is difficult, Shiba fell pregnant. As the owners could not care for a dog with puppies, she was abandoned on the street.
Shiba was part of a group of six dogs from Kharagauli who stayed at our shelter after their surgery. All of them found homes very fast except Shiba, who stayed with us for 2 years. She was adopted once during this period, but as with all our dogs, we followed up on how she was doing and when we found out that the adopter could not provide the needed care anymore for Shiba, we brought her back to the shelter.

During the lock down we tried to move all our dogs to foster carers to make sure that even when volunteers could not visit the shelter, our residents would not suffer from lack of human interaction.
Shiba moved to the lovely Carolien, but did not stay very long as she soon went for a trial period to Polina, who was interested in adopting her.
They traveled to the seaside and spent several weeks together, before we were sure that this was the best home for our little fox lady and signed the adoption agreement.
We could not be happier that after all she had been through and after the first unsuccessful adoption, finally this beautiful dog found the home that was meant to be hers!
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Comment on Facebook 201274479898699_4672512919441477

Эх,хотя бы всем собакам везло и ни одной не осталось на улицах,где им очень плохо живётся!

Шибе точно повезло! Палина добрая и душевный человек ❤️




I'm soo happy ❤ thank you for everything Sara Anna Modzmanashvili-Kemecsei Maite Iniesta Dog organization Georgiaand thanks to Polina that gave new life for lovely foxy girl Shiba ❤

What a beautiful heartwarming story – typical of the marvellous work DOG is doing. Thank you 💗💗💗


Happy days!!

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1 month ago

Dog organization Georgia

The story of Darcy is one that brings double joy for us.
Naturally, we are always delighted when a dog that started on the streets, and has gone through a lot of suffering, finds a forever home where they will be loved and cared for.
But then there are some special dogs and some special adopters.
Some dogs have just suffered so much or stand with so little chance of finding a home that when they succeed, it is a double joy for us.
But we also feel like this when someone special adopts a dog from us. When those who have been supporting us, have been our friends and helping our organization and helping street dogs in Georgia for many years, decide to finally adopt, and they choose to adopt from us, then that is also a double joy because we know the dog goes to the best possible home and we also know that we will be able to follow their life adventures with their new families.
This latter is the case with Darcy, who was abandoned with her siblings in Saguramo last December. The students of a nearby school were taking care of them, but as the school break approached, they contacted us, asking if we could help at least some of the puppies so they would not be left alone, without anyone to feed them, during the holidays.
Our brilliant foster carers, Jenny and Tim quickly offered that they would be willing to foster two of the puppies until they could be vaccinated. The pups were malnourished, suffered from severe fungal infection and were weak, but thanks to the heroic work of Jenny and Tim, they quickly started healing and getting stronger.
Once they were ready to be vaccinated they moved to the shelter.
Then early April Maurice and Ilja who both have helped us in so many ways the past few years reached out to us with the news that they were finally ready to adopt a dog (something we were always hoping they would do one day). We knew that whichever dog they would choose, that dog is a lucky one!
They visited the shelter, met many of our pups and eventually we agreed that they would take home our super sassy and smart and cute Darcy, to see how it would work out.
A few weeks ago we officially registered Darcy on their name and we could not be happier about this!
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D.O.G. Success Stories – ALFIE

Alfie and her sister, Bernie were found in a parking lot of an apartment building by Julia, a dog lover who made friends with the mother dog and would visit the whole litter regularly. A month and a half later Alfie and Bernie were the only two pups left and in order to save their lives Julia took them home.
As Julia had to fly back to the US (she also transported two dogs from us to Toronto on her way), she had to leave Alfie and Bernie with us.
They settled into the shelter routine quite fast, they were friendly with everyone and got on well with all other dogs. They were loved by our regular volunteers as they both are easy going, trouble free dogs.
As with several of our residents, the unexpected lock down meant that volunteers had more time to visit Alfie and Zuza, one of these volunteers, fell in love with Alfie and decided to foster her, with the prospect of a possible adoption.

The fostering period went so well that this week Zuza officially adopted Alfie!
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Comment on Facebook 201274479898699_4495387960487308

We were supposed to come to Georgia and visit you next week 🙁 but we are rescheduling for same time next year!



4 months ago

Dog organization Georgia

Chacha’s journey: from Svaneti to Belgium //

Luana and Xavier found Chacha during their holiday in Georgia. As they were driving around in Svaneti they found a litter of 4 puppies. They fed them, as they did with all the dogs they saw, and continued their journey. However, the next day they were driving back on the same road and they found Chacha alive but her siblings were not so fortunate. When realizing that she was alone and all her siblings died, they could not abandon Chacha to her fate so they brought her back to Tbilisi, although they were flying home the next day. Lacking any other option in the middle of the night, Chacha was placed in the municipality shelter, but at the same time Luana also contacted us, asking for our help.
After a few days of preparations and shuffling our residents around to free a place, we managed to open a quarantine room for her and brought her to us from the city pound.
As she was a tiny puppy, with a compromised immune system, it took some time before she was all ready for her vaccines, but once that was done, we started to prepare her to travel to Belgium to Luana, as they decided to adopt her.
Chacha grew into a beautiful, cheeky and smart dog with DOG. Before her flight she got to be fostered by an amazing couple, Cherish and Michael, to make the transition to a home environment easier for her. Earlier this March Luana flew back to Georgia to finally collect that tiny scared puppy she found in Svaneti, only to meet a gorgeous, confident, affectionate young dog, and it could not have gone better. There were some tears from the foster family, but Chacha quickly bonded with Luana.
Now Chacha is settling into her new home and she is completely in love with her parents who saved her life. We don’t even want to think what would have happened to this brilliant soul, had she been left there to fend for herself alone.
Thank you to Cherish and Michael for offering to foster a dog in need, and thank you to Luana and Xavier for opening their home and hearts up to Chacha.
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Comment on Facebook Chacha's journey: …

These street dogs are so special. They’ve had such a hard life, normal pet dogs couldn’t imagine. But the love they give is totally unlimited and the bond with their humans unbounded ❤️

Wonderful family.. I am sure this lovely dog will be so happy.. . MARTIE

What a beautiful story ❤️

Lewis Crampton

Erin Johannemann

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