Meet Bote, our gorgeous gentle giant.

About Bote


Look at that face, and that fabulous coat!

Bote is a big guy, probably a setter-mix, and is full of love to give. He travels well in the car, walks nicely on a leash, can wait patiently for hours, and hasn’t shown any destructive tendencies.

And he adores people. 

And did we mention that he’s gorgeous?!

He is a confident and loving character, and while he loves people, he doesn’t like pulling-pushing or being grabbed (who does though?!) so would probably be best suited to a home without small children. He thrives around adults though and is hugely popular with the volunteers at the shelter who love his amiable nature and his good behavior when taken out for walks.

He gets on well with other dogs, and although he is quite large, he is not overly energetic, so can be easily handled… Unless it’s grooming time, that is! Bote likes his coat natural and can’t stand any clippers or brushes. He did tolerate a haircut with scissors before though, and despite the bumpy finish he did seem very proud of the result, as you can see in his third photo!

Bote loves long strolls and hikes so would be an ideal companion for someone with an active lifestyle who wants a hilarious, very affectionate and loving friend who can hop in a car and hike for hours every weekend. Does this sound like you?

Long walks, people
Being groomed

Make a difference in Bote’s life.

Bote needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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