Could be active adventure buddy but also loves just cuddling on a sofa!

About Champ

Champ had a rough start in life, and by the time he was found by his “fairy godmother” near the Military Highway, this difficult start had already taken its toll on his little body. He probably had never walked much at all, so his legs were deformed. He was oversensitive to bright lights (most likely had been kept in the dark), had long nails like a cat’s claws; and rickets from lack of sunlight or nutrients. He has had vitamin injections, braces on his leg so they would develop well and received lots of love and care from his various foster carers during the past year.
However, he now needs a home, and he needs it very much!
He is young, friendly, is always happy with a wonderfully loyal and loving character. He has energy to be an active buddy in all sorts of adventures, but also loves just cuddling on a sofa!

Likes games, playing, cuddles

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