A quirky, loving, initially shy but very affectionate boy.

About Duncan


Duncan is like a young child who for fun will hide and then peek his head out to see if you have found him… His desire to trust is shown through his desire to play!

This delightful boy arrived with his two siblings as a young dog, separated from their mum far too early, resulting in difficulties with socialization. But spend just a bit of time with Duncan and he becomes the goofy one of the three siblings. He has his own little game of running up to the person he likes, then running back, and doing this back and forth, encouraging you to play with him. It’s totally adorable! One volunteer said of Duncan: Walk with him for 60 minutes and experience his transformation! The first 30 minutes he’s not quite sure about you and by the last 30 minutes he’s like “Wow this is pretty cool! I could get used to this!” Along the way he enjoys pets and affection more and more – in just one hour!

If only Duncan had a consistent human for daily walks and play – just imagine the dog he can be! As a medium sized dog with an easy-to-maintain short coat, are you Duncan’s human he walks and plays with every day?

kindness, walks, playtime
loud noises, city sounds

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