Curious, smart and always thinking girl.

About Isadora


If Isadora were human, she’d be a philosopher!

This inquisitive girl arrived with her two siblings as a young dog, separated from their mum far too early, resulting in difficulties with socialization.  She’s a cautious dog, observing your next move as she gets to know you.  And after that initial caution, she will have you laughing as she performs her little quirky dance out of happiness at seeing you!  So cute!

Because she is smart and curious, given space and time, Isadora’s caution will turn into loyalty to her consistent and patient human.   She’s on the smaller side of medium sized with an easy-to-maintain short coat.  Are you Isadora’s human seeking a loyal dog forever?

playtime, people, walks, treats,
scary new things

Make a difference in Isadora’s life.

Isadora needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

You can help Isadora by adoption, fostering, or sponsoring the expenses of her staying at the shelter.

Give her a forever home.

If you are ready to expand your family and welcome this loving soul into your home, we’d love to speak with you.

Be her Guardian Angel.

For as little as $10/mo you can sponsor Isadora’s stay at our shelter.

You’ll get exclusive sponsor-only updates about Isadora.

Foster Isadora

You can provide a temporary home to show her what a loving home is like and create space in our shelter for other dogs.