Kanku is like the best Project Manager you could hope for!

About Kanku


Kanku is always on the look out, she is busy controlling everything in the shelter. Managing all our dog residents and all the ongoing action – we don’t know how she gets it all done in a day!

As busy as Kanku is, she’s also always ready to slow down and snuggle up alongside you for affection!  This trust is remarkable given her history of abuse.  According to residents in her area, she was once owned by a person who beat her.  Eventually left on the street, she was trying to survive at a construction site.  Acting suspicious of every stranger, and especially the construction site workers, we brought her into safety before anything else might happen to her.

We believe Kanku’s Project Management expertise results from her survival skills. She will do well with a human who will keep her mind busy with tasks and activities, reinforced with lots of snuggles! Due to her past trauma, she is not always friendly with unknown men entering her territory.  But she does great walking on leash! Filled with lots of character and sass, a beautiful soul who needs love very much after all she has been through.  Are you just the right human for Kanku?

friendly people, cuddles, naps, walks,
strange men

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