If you would like to have a dog that is a sweet goofball but also your fierce guard if needed, Shadow is the perfect fit.

About Shadow


Want a Doggie Hug…? Then you need to meet Shadow! She greets you with a slow and gentle paws-up stance, resting her own chin and chest against your body – literally giving you a doggie hug. You cannot resist hugging back! She’s not bouncing around all hyper – just a wonderful, tender moment hugging a dog. It’ll make your day – we promise!

Shadow was living in Gudauri as a TVNR dog after a leg injury. (Tagged-Vaccinated-Neutered-Returned). Her leg injury is completely healed. She was cared for by volunteers in the area. However, in true shepherd fashion, she became protective of the yard, and the humans caring for her. While this is something most people like about a dog they have at home, it is not ideal for a street dog. So shadow came to our DOG shelter. 

Strong and fit, Shadow is a stunning dog, adores her own humans and is very loyal. 
Despite her prior leg injury which caused a permanent small limp, she is quite active! She enjoys playing with other active dogs her size.  Very curious, loves to learn, to work and to please her humans! She would be ideal for someone who can keep her shepherd mind busy, go for walks and hikes with her and cuddle with at home. 

Those doggie hugs we told you about? They turn into belly rubs when she flip-flops onto her back, four legs in the air, smiling up at you! It’s kind of irresistible! Are you Shadow’s human ready to give and receive a lifetime of hugs and belly rubs to this lovely girl?

to be trained, to work, to play, to be active

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Shadow needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

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