gets along with other dogs easily and loves to play with everyone.

About Tala

Tala arrived at the shelter from Mtskheta where her mom and dad lived on the streets, taken care of by an animal lover.
The area where they were did not have more resources for street dogs, so, in order for their mum and dad to remain safely there, we had to bring in the pups.
There were 6 puppies in total. Luckily, some have already been adopted but Lupa, Tala, Suki and Greg Jr are still looking for their forever home.
Lupa and Tala are the most outgoing of them all. As her siblings, Tala can be a bit shy at the beginning but she completely overcomes her shyness after a few minutes of walking with our volunteers. She is so playful! She gets along with other dogs easily and loves to play with everyone.
If you are looking for a goofy and playful puppy, Tala is your best choice!

Loves people, loves walks, likes calm, confident dogs
Sudden movements

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