Ideal camping buddy, hiking company, jogging partner!

About Thor

Thor is one of our unluckiest but at the same time luckiest residents.

He was initially rescued as part of a litter of puppies in 2015 and adopted by a loving family but, soon after adoption, one of his human family developed a serious medical condition which meant that they were no longer able to care for a young puppy, and so Thor returned to the shelter. 

While Thor has not yet been lucky enough to find his forever home, he has been fortunate to win the hearts of many volunteers who come to the shelter especially to spend time with him, and who even sometimes take him on long weekend hikes and other adventures around Georgia. 

He travels well in the car, gets on well with kids as well as with other dogs, learns very fast and loves pleasing people, which makes him super easy to train. And while he is an active boy, he is over his puppy silliness so could live happily even in an apartment if given routine and enough exercise.

Thor has grown into a happy and clever boy, who never has a depressed moment, and makes sure no-one around him ever has one either! While Thor is happy at the shelter, he misses having his own family as he has so much love to give.

Please consider opening up your heart and your home to Thor, and let him bring his love for life into your life.

Exercise, people, learning new tricks
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Make a difference in Thor’s life.

Thor needs the help of people like you. All of our dogs ultimately need a forever home, but greatly benefit from any level of connection.

You can help Thor by adoption, fostering, or sponsoring the expenses of him staying at the shelter.

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